New school zone coming to West Houston St. in Sherman

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SHERMAN, Texas -- The Sherman City Council votes to create a new school zone on West Houston street, in front of Sory Elementary. Residents and school officials say they've needed this for years.

Congested, backed up, dangerous--words Sherman residents used to tell News 12 about traffic at the entrance to Sory Elementary School.

The school opened in 2008 without a school zone . Now, six years later, school officials tell us they're finally getting one.

"When people are coming over the hill it's really difficult for parents to turn in and out," said Sory principal Steven Traw.

Tuesday, the Sherman City Council voted to change the speed limit on West Houston street--Highway 56--from 40, to 45, while creating a school zone with a speed limit of 30 miles per hour in front of the school.

"They need something," said Ann Croteau who was waiting in line to pick up her grand kid.

A City official tells us TxDOT will install the new signs. The speed limit of 30 mph will be enforced on school days from 45 minutes before school opens until classes begin, during the lunch period if necessary, and for 30 minutes after classes end.

"We're very pleased, safety is our number one priority, and then to make sure that you know kids are getting to school safely and parents are able to come and go," said Traw.

Sherman Police say they've responded to 19 vehicle accidents, and issued 31 speeding citations on West Houston Street in the last year.

And parents tell us they approve of any measure to make the area safer.

"If it helps bring down the flow of the traffic, so that the kids are all safe, I'm all for it," said MaryAlice Carico.

TxDOT officials have not confirmed exactly when drivers will see the new school zone, but residents tell us they hope it's soon.

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