New, "sophisticated" virus infects Texoma computers

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- 'Tis the season for viruses -- tonight, we're not talking cold and flu.

There's a new virus hitting Texoma hard drives.

This virus is transmitted through the Ethernet and is especially unique and invasive.

This FBI virus is causing panic among Texoma users.

"The screen pops up and it starts screaming FBI warnings," Brian Walker with Monarch IT said.

Walker is troubleshooting what he calls a sophisticated virus.

"You can get it through programs, you can get it through websites, anything like that. It's very, very small. It's an attachment that comes in through a download," Walker said.

But not the kind of download you click. You can contract it simply by browsing.

"Anything like pictures, Facebook, HTML sources there's ads that come in," Walker said.

The virus has made its way from Russia to Texoma -- already taking at least a dozen victims in Sherman and Denison.

"I was completely surprised that it just came up. I wasn't even on my computer. Well obviously what it would do to the computer with an accounting system and such," Keith Gower with HINCO Printing in Sherman said.

The virus also gets personal -- by opening your web cam.

"It'll show you sitting there and it'll show what's going on in the room," Walker said.

And the bad news gets worse...

"There's no way we know of to prevent it," Walker said.

For now, Brian says merely installing virus protection software is all you can do.

You can have this virus for weeks and not know it, but something eventually triggers it.

Brian says right now, it's popping up during Adobe and Microsoft Office software updates

He says that shouldn't keep you from doing updates -- just contact an IT expert if you do get the virus.

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