New sports complex coming to Ada

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ADA, OK -- Recreation lovers will soon have a new venue to take advantage of. The Ada City council is moving forward with the construction of a new sports complex, a project that will be funded by the "Penny for Our City" sales tax.

Mayor Greg McCortney says residents won't have to travel across the city to play their favorite sports.

"Right now recreation is kind of've got softball that the city does, you got soccer through the Boys and Girls club, and little league baseball through Kiwanas, and we're hoping to pull all of that together into one venue," said McCortney.

According to City Manager, Cody Holcomb, the initial budget for the complex is 4 million dollars. McCortney says the complex is still in the beginning stages, but they hope to include several baseball and softball fields, some football and soccer fields, as well as running and walking trails.

Sports Complex committee chairman, Russ Allen, says it will be a long process, but he hopes residents will be pleased with the result.

"It'll probably be a phase process, but we hope that we can show citizens that we will use their monies wisely, and be a good steward of their funds," said Allen.

Allen says they hope to start construction within the next year, and residents say they're already looking forward to a new place to play.

"I think it's a really good idea. I think it'll keep kids more active because that's really lacking nowadays," said Kendall McCarty.

"I think it would be great to have one place to have all the access to it instead of having one spot to do this, and the other spot to do that. I think it would be really convenient for all the residents here," aid Katy Lemasters.

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