Ardmore to get new Lake Murray Lodge

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ARDMORE, OK--For eight years Oklahoma law makers have been talking about building a new lodge at Lake Murray in Ardmore and now they have the funds to make it happen

Tuesday evening Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Signed the lake Murray lodge bill into law providing 15 million dollars for construction and maintenance for the new building.

Susie Copeland and her husband said they are long time visitors of lake Murray lodge and are excited about finally seeing a new one being built.

" We are looking forward to seeing the new facility when it's built we've been coming up here for almost the 51 years we've been married" said Copeland.

Mita Bates with the Ardmore Chamber of commerce said a new lodge will help lake Murray maintain its appeal that draws in so many visitors.

"That will persevere that pristine nature that people love at lake Murray but make it even more attractive for people of all sizes, ages, income levels, to keep lake Murray the jewel we think it is" said Bates.

Bates said that there is an emergency clause on the law so they can move forward with the design phase quickly, the lodge is expected to be completed in September 2015.

"We're several years from actually seeing that new lodge but the money is committed so that's the important thing" said Bates.

Bates said the new lodge will replace the current lodge and be similar in size, with around 52 rooms but she said there are talks of other projects in the area as well.

"we really have an energy that's been created that will attract some more people so we just need to have more lodging options out there" said Bates.

The 15 million for the lodge will come out of the state park fund which gets its money from mineral lease payments and payments associated with oil and gas at state parks. Lawmakers say the project will not cost taxpayers any money.

"We make it now and then, and were delighted, we will come back and watch it grow" said Copeland.

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