New vehicles for Denison Police Department

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DENISON, TX-- Bea Means has been working, in the David Means Allstate Office, next door to the Denison Police Department for six years.

"We share a parking lot in the back, our back parking lot joins with theirs, so we get to see all the cars coming and going."

And the newest police vehicle coming in and out of that parking lot is a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe. Lt. Mike Eppler said that Tuesday was the first day for the department to take them for a drive.

"Well of course they are 2012 Tahoes, and they are police package vehicles. And with our black and white color scheme and the new lights and some new equipment with them and they are just really nice vehicles." just named the Chevrolet Tahoe one of the most efficient large SUV's on the road. It can get up to 20 miles per gallon in the city. Compared to the Dodge Charger, which has been purchased by the department, since 2006, get around 18 miles per gallon in the city.

And Denison police put close to 40,000 miles on a fleet vehicle in one year alone.

"They are high mileage vehicles, police cars are pretty much driven around the clock. And they wear out a lot quicker than regular vehicles do," Eppler explained.

Even though the Tahoes cost $8,000 more than the Dodge Charger, which are still being driven by most of the department, the police department says the Tahoes have a longer service life, and the department will spend less in the end.

"It's nice that the city has taken the opportunity to invest into our law enforcement," Means said. "Because they are there to take care of us, as citizens and being in a vehicle that can be dependable and reliable, and nice to look at."