Local non profit donates important necessity to fire departments

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DURANT, OK -- We might take a glass of water for granted, but firefighters said that's one thing they always think about when they're fighting a fire. The Woodmen of the World wanted to make sure departments have enough of it.

They spend their days saving our lives, so one local group wanted to make sure they're taken care of too.

"We're honoring our homeland heroes. Which is our firemen, first responders, even law enforcement are even homeland heroes," Jeff Thrasher said.

Thrasher, president of the Woodmen of the World chapter in Durant, wanted to make sure local firefighters had the necessities. He's also a volunteer firefighter, so he knows how exhausting fighting fires in the Oklahoma heat can be.

"Whenever you're out there fighting fire and you've been out there 30 minutes, even 10 minutes, you're looking for something to drink. You're ready for something to drink," Thrasher said.

Others couldn't agree more.

"Its definitely important that we stay hydrated. It's really hot obviously. Above 110 sometimes, and we've gotta drink a lot of water," firefighter Brandon Brooks said.

"Your adrenalines going and you want to get there as fast as you can to help the people around the incident. So when you're going to the fire station, you're thinking about getting to the fire. Not thinking about going to the ice box and getting a bottle of water," Chief Andy Daniel said.

Bryan county businesses donated 55 cases of water and Gatorade to Bryan county departments. Woodmen of the World made sure firefighters had a good meal too.

Firefighters from Achille, Durant, Roberta, Lakewood, Silo, Yuba and Bennington were thankful for the donations.

"It really says a lot that they're willing to come together and support their fire departments in Bryan county. I mean, it's unreal the communities we have around that will do this for us," Daniel said.

The Woodmen of the World hope to make this an annual event.

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