Noodling tournament raises money for cancer benefits

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Eric Dennis spent his Saturday supporting the Huauni Creek Hunting Club.

While he's never cast a fishing line he hoped to reel in a big catch for the organization.

"I'm not a hunter, but I'm going to learn," said Dennis.

With their noodling tournament the club hopes to continue to help Texomans battle cancer.

"This hunting club does more than hunting things," Dennis said. "They're really people oriented, and they're looking for people to help. They want to help people."

Club Secretary Bill Delaney explains how noodling helps them help the community.

"To replenish funds to hold more cancer benefits," said Delaney. "We held one last week and it took just about everything we had."

Saturday, more than 40 teams made up of two to four people paid the $25 per person entry fee.

"And let the community help the community, and this is a very, very giving community," Delaney said.

The Huauni Creek Hunting club plans to make this an annual event. Cash prizes go to the top three heaviest catches, and noodlers are able free to take their fish home or set them free at the end of the evening.

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