Number of local addiction programs may not meet growing meth problem in Grayson Co.

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GRAYSON CO., Texas -- To conclude a series of stories on the methamphetamine problem in Grayson County, News 12 looks at addiction and where users can get help. But some people say there aren't enough local programs to keep up with the growing problem.

"Depression, anxiety, paranoia, delusions," Rhonda Schroeder said these are the common symptoms a person exhibits when they detox from methamphetamine.

Schroeder works at Texoma Medical Center's Behavioral Health Center as a licensed professional counselor and social worker.

Overcoming an addiction to meth, she said, is a strenuous battle that can only be overcome by serious motivation to get clean.

"You continue to crave it more and more, every day. And you will do anything you can to get a fix," she said.

The mental detox is difficult, especially when you're cut off cold, like if you end up in the Grayson Co. Jail.

That's where Mike Ball steps in as the Grayson Co. Jail Chaplain.

"Whatever need they, I try to help them," Ball explained. "It might be to give them an encouraging word, it might be to pray for them, it might be to suggest somewhere for them to go for help when they get out of this environment."

Some of those options outside of the jail include Four Rivers Outreach in Sherman and the Red River Region's Narcotics Anonymous.

"Then I would also suggest for the folks to get involved in a church," Ball said.

But he quickly added that there aren't enough programs in the area.

And Jennifer Carter-Belcher agrees.

She works alongside Ball, volunteering in the jail ministry. She has overcome her own addiction to meth.

"I'm inspired by the people that want help, but don't have any means to get it. they don't understand how to get it," she said.

Carter-Belcher said she'd like to see more programs in grayson county that offer job resources and a support system, which are typically found in faith-based organizations.

"If we all get together as a community, then we can help," she said.

Carter-Belcher said she was able to overcome her own addiction to the drug because she was surrounded by supportive family and friends -- but not all addicts are as fortunate.

Here's a list of places that people in Grayson County with an addiction to methamphetamine can visit for help:

- Four Rivers Outreach (Sherman)
- TMC's Behavioral Health Center (Sherman)
- Surrender House For Men (Denison)
- Pathfinders program at Trinity Lighthouse Church (Denison)
- Enterhealth (Van Alstyne)
- Drug Recovery Center (Denison)
- Lakes Regional MH MR Center (Sherman & Bonham)
- Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center Domiciliary Substance Abuse Program (Bonham)

If we've missed an addiction treatment program or other related organization in Grayson Co., please let us know by commenting below or emailing

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