OBN investigating drug record-keeping at EagleMed

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ARDMORE, OK - OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said his agency got the call from EagleMed in Ardmore recently, to look into possible missing drugs.

"They asked us if we would assist them with looking into some record keeping," said Woodward.

Specifically, EagleMed's records of controlled substances.
To start the investigation, Woodward said the OBN will meet with the company.

"That will give us some direction of where we want to start going," he saie. "And just kind of working with them, I think they're going to guide us since they were the ones who called."

But the company has already taken some action. In a statement, EagleMed's director for business development said:

"Some potential personnel issues were identified through our internal control measures and we thoroughly investigated and dealt with the issues. The company has already taken significant and swift action to address the personnel issues we identified. While the private details can't be shared, there are several individuals who are no longer employed with our company."

Woodward said the investigation is just beginning.
They still have to compare drug records to inventory. And If they do find discrepancies, they will interview those who may have had access to controlled substances, especially painkillers.

"Because there is such a black market for it and it's so addictive that it's a concern if there's anything missing," said Woodward.