ODOT begins work to fix hole on Bonham Bridge

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK - ODOT is fixing another hole on a southeastern Oklahoma bridge.

This hole, on what is known as the "Bonham Bridge," was spotted by a News 12 viewer Sunday and when we called ODOT Monday.

They said our call was the first they'd heard of it.

"The hole was there. It was obviously a safety problem to the traveling public," said Okla. Dept. of Transportation spokesman Ashley Hawkins.

The bridge on Highway 78 crosses the Red River between Fannin County and Bryan County. Hawkins says once they heard about the hole, workers immediately began directing traffic around it and placed a steel plate over the hole so vehicles could cross safely.

"If a car does hit that hole, it's going to be damaging to the front end and a dangerous situation for the driver," said Hawkins.

Despite ODOT's plans for fixing the hole, drivers crossing the bridge today say they're concerned about the bridge's longevity.

"If that hole gets larger we're in trouble, you know, we're just really in trouble," said Sue Nichols.

Local resident Sue Nichols lives in Fannin County. She crosses the bridge every day to visit her sister in Bryan County and worries that the trip might damage her truck.

"If it tears your pickup up, you're without a vehicle and worse than that if it runs you off the bridge you're kind of a goner," said Nichols.

Just last week ODOT fixed a similar hole on the Willis Bridge.

Hawkins says several bridges across southeastern Oklahoma will be fixed as part of an 8-year ODOT program.

He says the Bonham Bridge is on that list, and this hole is their first priority.

"It's just a significant hole that we need to get prepared so the drivers can have safe access across the Red River," said Hawkins.