OHP: Durant officer arrested on-scene for DUI

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DURANT, OK -- Around Midnight Tuesday, a pickup truck crashed on Hwy 91 just West of Achille.

"Looks like it's just what would be our typical accident. Somebody ran off the road. Attempted to over correct, and rolled their vehicle," said OHP Lt. Scott Hampton.

But the truck was driven by an off-duty Durant Police officer - Brandon Carbaugh, 36. And Hampton said Carbaugh failed a field sobriety test.

"And the trooper did place Mr. Carbaugh into handcuffs and put him into his patrol car," he said.

Hampton said OHP followed protocol on the arrest.

"And we had started making plans to take him to a different jail. It's not safe for him to be in a jail in the jurisdiction where he works," he said.

But Hampton said Carbaugh was injured and requested medical treatment.

"The trooper could not place him into jail without a medical release until the hospital could give one. So the trooper gave him his court date," he said.

Durant Attorney Jeremy Elliott said that's standard procedure.

"It's pretty common for them to be taken to the hospital for evaluation and then released to come answer for the charges later," Elliott said.

Whether they are released depends on if they are a danger to society, he said.

"And if someone was going to be charged with DUI, as long as they weren't driving, then there shouldn't be any harm to society," he said.

Hampton said they're still waiting on the toxicology reports from the state before they file formal charges. In the meantime, Carbaugh has a tentative court date of October 31.

"Is he at a level that just deemed driving under the influence, or aggravated driving under the influence," Hampton said.

Durant Police wouldn't comment on the matter since it's under investigation, but say Carbaugh has been placed on administrative leave.

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