OHP conducts No Refusal operation for July 4th weekend

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As Fourth of July travelers hurry toward fireworks and barbecues, Oklahoma Highway Patrol's Troop F is making sure drinking and driving isn't part of the holiday with a no refusal weekend.

Drivers we talked to said they like the idea.

"For the most part it will probably be good for a lot of people," said Jana Weckerly, a driver. "There's a lot of accidents and things like that that happen in Ardmore."

"I mean if you're out driving drunk and you have a little bit of alcohol in you, I think you should get pulled over," said Orvil Garlington, who also drives.

Normally if a driver refuses a to take a breath or blood test troopers build a DUI case based off observations.

OHP Captain Ronnie Hampton explains how no refusal is different..

"If they refuse to give us a sample they're still going to lose their driver's license under the state's implied consent law," said Hampton. "But what we're going to do, criminally, we're going to ask a judge to issue a search warrant where we can take them to the hospital and take their blood sample."

The operation started July 3rd at 6 p.m. and will finish Sunday the 7th. And Hampton hopes it sends a message.

"Number one, we're serious about DUIs and people need to know that there's pretty severe consequences," Hampton said.

Troop F started their No Refusal Operation last year and Hampton said they issued 3 search warrants.

So far this year they haven't issued any.