OHP strictly enforcing Leavenworth Trail closures during construction

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Traffic is flowing steadily down Leavenworth Trail. But most of these cars are breaking the law.

Leavenworth Trail is still under construction and closed to through-traffic. And OHP says they're cracking down.

"We were called numerous times, probably three or four times a day by the construction company itself - the foreman of the job - complaining they couldn't get their job done correctly because of the traffic going through there," said Trooper B.J. Keeling

Drivers we talked to say they were confused because some barricades are on the side of the road - not blocking the path.

"They've got semis full of asphalt coming from over here west of Durant, that are full of asphalt and to get there have to go through the signs," Keeling said. "That's why those signs are split like that."

Brenda Tumey lives on Leavenworth Trail. She said police stopped her daughter last week, asking if she lives along the road.

"She told him, 'I don't live here, but my parents live here, and I'm going to pick up my daughter.' So she didn't get a ticket," she said.

But Tumey said she sees patrol cars frequently on Leavenworth.

"We'll currently be out there enforcing it, because the mere fact of we want them to get the job done just like anybody else does."

OHP says construction is taking longer than expected because of constant traffic on Leavenworth. O-DOT expects the project to wrap up in the next few weeks.

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