Officials: It only takes minutes to die in a hot car

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Last month, an Ardmore man was arrested after a 2 month old he allegedly left in a hot car died. Monday, Grayson College Police rescued a dog from a hot car just in time to save its life. Now, officials are urging parents and pet owners to be careful this summer.

Survival time is just a matter of minutes for a child or animal left in a hot car.

"It can be very deadly very quick," said Grayson College Police Chief Andrew MacPherson. He says last year, two dogs died in a hot car on campus, and Monday, the department rescued a dog from a vehicle just in time to save its life.

We asked how long the dog was in the vehicle, "We estimate from the time we got the call to the time the owner showed up, 30 to 45 minutes," said Chief MacPherson.

Police say the owner meant to be gone for only 10 minutes.

"They've shown that in a car within 2-3 minutes it can get hot enough to cause these types of situations to where they can get overheated," said veterinarian David Tidwell with the Texoma Veterinary Hospital.

We decided to test that. On a day it was 91 degrees outside, we parked our mobile unit in the sun for less than 10 minutes. Using a laser infrared thermometer, we could see the temperature inside the car reached 148 degrees within minutes.

"It can cause neurologic problems with the brain, it's going to cause problems with your breathing, it's going to cause problems with your G I track, and a lot of those complications if they go on can result it death," said Tidwell. He also says if your pet overheats, put a cool cloth on it's paws and stomach, and contact your vet immediately.

Chief MacPherson says they will be filing charges against the student who left the dog in their car Monday.

He asks everyone to be on the look out--if you see a car with a child or animal in it--contact police right away, " We're talking about defenseless animals or humans that can't help themselves so we've got to be there for it."

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