Officials hope renovations to Katy Depot will attract more visitors

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DENISON, TX -- The building has been around for over a century and it's still being used today.

Now, officials hope these improvements will attract even more visitors.

Thursday, the Denison Historic Preservation Board gave the go-ahead for the owner of the Katy Depot to remodel part of the building and replace the windows here on the east side..

City Officials says the building is a big part of Denison's Main Street and they hope to create more of an entertainment-like district in this area.

"Sometimes Katy Depot and this part of Main Street gets forgotten and not really part of it," said Tupelo Honey Bar and Grill owner, Micah Bracy.

What was a once a train station on the end of Main Street -- the Katy Depot is still standing today. Over a hundred years later -- the city is proud of the historical building that's now used as an event center.

"Many times when they have these special events," said Main Street Director, Donna Dow. "It's the first time they've seen Denison and so we want to always present a positive image for them."

Dow says part of that positive image includes making renovations to the east side of the Katy Depot, which the Denison Historic Preservation Board approved.

She says the building owner plans to do some remodeling, which includes replacing all the windows on its east side.

"Right now there are various coverings on the windows and this would allow them to all match and just have a better appearance," Dow said.

The Depot also holds several offices and a bar and grill.

Area business owners say these upgrades to the Katy Depot will help them promote the eastern part of Main Street as more of an entertainment district.

"Our goal is to brighten up the buildings and let people know that there are businesses here and that's a big step," Bracy said.

He is already working to create the nightlife and entertainment atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

"When Grayson and Austin College come back, we want to get them and let them know there's things to do down here," Bracy said. "There's live music with a big band and there's bars and places to eat."

Dow says the renovations should be complete sometime this fall.

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