Officials investigate suspicious Murray County fire

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SULPHUR, OK - Investigators are taking a closer look into a trailer fire that happened in Murray County over the weekend.

Fire officials said when they got to the home on Shalmar Dr. around 9:30 p.m. Sunday, the RV trailer in the driveway was fully engulfed in flames.

Oklahoma State Fire Marshal Judah Sheppard said the fact that the RV was on fire but the home was untouched points to signs of arson, possibly out of revenge.

Authorities are interviewing witnesses and said the investigation could take weeks.

"What we can tell you at this point and stage in the game is that we do believe it was deliberately set," Sheppard said. "The apparent motive here is indicative of a revenge fire. So that is what we are looking at here that someone had a purpose to strike specifically at this vehicle."

No one has been charged in the alleged arson.

No one was injured.

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