Okla. Forestry Service task force helps with Love Co. wildfire

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LOVE COUNTY, OK - In three days, a large brush fire has burned up more than 3,000 acres and spread to four different counties. Eight Love County fire departments were on scene Tuesday afternoon working to keep the blaze under control off Gene Bond Road near the Red River.

Firefighters say no homes are in danger, but some homeowners say they are feeling the heat.

Rick Brannan lives in Love County, close to where the now three day long wildfire started. "We sat here and watched it go around the Texas peninsula," Brannan said. "The wind has blown it away from us."

Firefighters said because the fire is almost impossible to get to, they hope to keep it under control until it burns out. The Oklahoma Forestry Service confirms they have a task force in route to help firefighters contain the blaze.

The wind caused the fire to spread to portions of Marshall, Cooke and Grayson counties Monday. Fire officials from all three of those counties said the fire is no longer burning in their areas.

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