Okla. state superintendent visits Ada and Byng schools

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PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK - Oklahoma State Superintendent Janet Barresi spent Monday in Pontotoc County listening to faculty and staff voice their concerns about the future of Oklahoma schools.

Barresi visited Byng and Ada Public Schools, both received C's on their district report card.

Ada Superintendent Pat Harrison said this is the first time Barresi has visited the campus since she was elected to the office in 2011.

"I think anytime we can get any of our state elected officials in here to hear, especially from teachers who have boots on the ground on the everyday issues that they face, is good," Harrison said.

During a closed session meeting, Barresi listened and answered questions from concerned faculty, staff and students.

"We spent a lot of time going over the budget and the thought process behind that," Barresi said.

Barresi said to keep the future bright for Oklahoma schools, she plans to focus on teacher and principal training.

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