Oklahoma prison escapee captured in Denison

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DENISON, TX - An escapee from an Oklahoma prison in Granite is behind bars in Grayson County, Texas tonight.

26-year-old Aaron Kelsey is in custody at the Grayson County Jail after police and the U.S. Marshals found him hiding out in an empty Denison house.

"I'll have to start watching these two houses a lot closer and my own," said Richard Gann, a nearby neighbor.

Local residents are now on alert after an Oklahoma prison escapee made his way to Dension.

Authorities say 26-year-old Aaron Kelsey was an inmate at the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite - both a medium and minimum security prison.

"He has family here in Denison. We received information of him possibly being at a location," said Lieutenant Mike Eppler with the Denison police.

According to Denison police they received information early Friday morning that the escapee, Aaron Kelsey, was at a home on the 300 block of South Brown Avenue. When they arrived and searched the residence they found Kelsey hiding in the attic and took him into custody.

"i'm glad they caught the person for his own good and everybody else's," said Gann.

Prison records show Kelsey was serving time for convictions in Bryan County of second-degree burglary, possession of a firearm during probation and others.

"Well we got information that he was in prison for several violent felonies and also some children exploitation," said Eppler.

"God, that's really scary that somebody like that would come to this neighborhood. That could have been a real dangerous situation with a person like that," said Gann.

Dension police said when they received the information that Kelsey could be in the area they immediately sprang into action.

"He has already committed violent felonies. We want to keep the community safe and we're going to take immediate action to get this person off the streets as quickly as possible," said Eppler.

Dension police say Kelsey is awaiting extradition back to Oklahoma...

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