Oklahoma residents benefit from extra rainfall this summer

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ADA, OK -- Many Oklahomans are happy about the recent rainfall they've received this summer.

According to the National Weather Service...Ada has already received nearly 3 times the amount of rain compared to last summer.

Pontotoc County Emergency Management Director, Chad Letellier, says the rain has helped alleviate some problems caused by the drought.

"At the moment, Pontotoc County is out of drought, and because of that we're able to graze our cattle, we don't have any water restrictions, we have an abundance of hay right now," said Letellier. "We don't really have any of the issues that we would normally expect. Our life is normal and life is good right now."

Pontotoc County OSU Extension Educator, Justin McDaniel, says the extra rain has also helped boost agriculture production for farmers and landscapers alike

He says crops and hay aren't the only plant life benefiting from the added showers this summer.

"It's also helped alleviate some of the stress on some of the trees and some ornamentals that were dying because of the drought," McDaniel said. "Anytime we have a rainfall event that helps."

And resident, Lisa Timmons, is thankful the rain is giving her trees the attention they need.

"Oh it's great," Timmons said. "We planted a couple of trees back in 2011 about this time...July, August...and we had to water them like crazy. Our water bill was pretty high so we're hoping things are looking up."

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