Oklahoma tax-free weekend begins

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DURANT, OK - Oklahoma's tax-free weekend kicked off today and already thousands of people are hitting the stores.

"It's one of the busiest days in retail without a doubt," said Nathan Hart, a retail store assistant manager.

If you haven't already bought back-to-school clothes yet, this weekend is a good time to start.

Oklahoma is once again offering shoppers a tax-free holiday to help people save a little on their back-to-school necessities.

"I just like the money you can save and a lot stores have sells right around tax-free weekend because they know a lot of people will be out shopping," said Hanna McMurtrey.

The tax-free weekend started at 12 a.m. Friday and ends Sunday.

Many stores are offering big sales on top of the tax holiday, hoping to entice shoppers to spend even more.

"Most of them like to hit these clearance racks. Down there we have a $3 rack and you can find $50 pair of jeans in there fore $3. So people just buy those like hot cakes. We sell so much of those," said Hart.

Shoes and clothing less than $100 are exempt from state, city, county and local sales tax during the holiday.

One important thing to remember is school supplies are not included.

But for shoppers say its still worth battling the crowds.

"It's a pretty good. It's definitely worth the hassle to come out and do it," said McMurtrey.

"Today I think every single person worked today and we had to hire 10 new people for seasonal help. So we definitely had to have a lot of help," said Hart.

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