Meth ring busted in Johnston Co.

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JOHNSTON CO., OK - The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, along with local law enforcement agencies made drug raids all over Johnston County this morning.

Agents were armed with warrants for 17 arrests, all pertaining to distribution of methamphetamine.

OBN Director Darrell Weaver said 3 suspects, considered to be main sources, are now in custody.

"Obviously when you go round up 20 people like we did today and 3 search warrants you are going to have to have a lot of personnel if you are trying to do it successfully and most importantly safely," Weaver said.

By 10:20 a.m. the OBN had already arrested 13 suspects, all were brought in to the Johnston County Jail.

"There is a lot of risk involved," Weaver said. "Methamphetamine will make people crazy for one thing, and the second thing is they have money to lose."

Tishomingo Police Chief Shannon Smith said law enforcement never knows how violent suspects may get when pulling up to their house, but keeping drugs off the streets means a safer Oklahoma.

"Most of your major crimes call all be tracked back to drugs," Chief Smith said.

Weaver saids days like today should be a message to citizens that law enforcement is working hard to keep them safe and a message to drug users that the OBN will keep looking for them.

"We have other issues in Oklahoma, prescription drug issues and things like that, but today it is about methamphetamine," Weaver said. "and the distribution and trafficking of methamphetamine."

Weaver said if any of the suspects not arrested today do not turn themselves in, local police will be after them.

"Even as of this point almost all of them are arrested, its very encouraging to know no one was hurt, neither good guy or bad guy," Weaver said.

A total of 15 suspects have been arrested so far and are all facing drug distribution charges.

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