Older Americans returning to work

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SHERMAN, TX--There is a national trend of older Americans leaving retirement to return back to work.

Meet Kat Walston, she works at the Texoma council of governments building as a desk clerk, but that's not all she does.

"I'm also a student at Grayson College and am pursuing the completion of a psychology degree." said Kat Walston.

Kat is one out of a handful of employees here who used to be retired, but because of a program called "experience works" she's now back to work, and couldn't be happier.

"The entertainment factor is just great, and I get paid to do that."
"it helps keep you young." said Walston.

Suzanne Meadows is another employee who used to be retired.

These older Americans returning to work isn't just coincidental, it seems now to be a national trend. The fact is companies nowadays are leaning towards older workers, over younger ones based on well, their experience with life. A belief that TCOG executive director Susan Thomas agrees with.

"You don't have this fresh, unskilled, untested person trying to navigate those waters, you've got a history and there's great value in that." said Thomas.

"The years of experience that people in our age group have is really valuable to places like this." added Meadows.

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