One injured, one behind bars after a stabbing in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK - A man is behind bars and another is injured after a stabbing in Ardmore Saturday night. News 12's Daniella Rivera spoke to police and family members of the victim, she bring us the details.

"All I heard was a bunch of hollering and screaming and I come out the door and Matt was laying over there," said Ardmore resident Cissy Sexton.

Ardmore police are investigating a stabbing that left resident Matthew Wells wounded Saturday night.

His mother in law, Sexton, says he was, "hollering 'He cut my throat! He cut my throat!' I jumped on the phone and called 911 and I mean it just seemed like it took forever for the ambulance to get here," she said.

The moments after the attack, is time Cissy Sexton won't forget, but the attack itself, is something Aaron Lavers says he saw first hand, "No major arteries were hit, it was just...lost a lot of blood and scared everybody pretty bad," said Aaron, Well's brother in law.

Wells was airlifted to a trauma center in Oklahoma City.

Because Lavers is a primary witness in the case, he couldn't talk to us about incident, but tells News 12 Wells got out of surgery at 3:30 Sunday morning, and is in good condition.

"He's a pretty strong guy. Pretty hard to kill," said Lavers.

Ardmore police are still investigating who stabbed Wells, but they do tell us they took a suspect into custody about 2 blocks from the crime scene in the 1000 block of B St. North West.

Police say they arrested Jeremy Roberts on a felony warrant, and investigators are questioning him about the stabbing.

The family of the victim tells us Roberts was staying with Wells as a guest.

"All I can say is watch who you have in your home," said Sexton.

Ardmore police say their investigation is ongoing.