One person dead after car slams into Denison home

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DENISON, TX -- One person has died from their injuries, after a car slammed into a Denison home.

According to Lt. Eppler of Denison Police, Jennifer Comstock died at the scene after a car slammed into a house.

"We were standing right there on the back porch and the car flew over that curb over there, and flew through the house, heard a big boom," witness, Trevor Holder, said.

"We immediately came outside and the next door neighbors came out and said the people were hurt so my husband and a couple of my friends went in there to try to go help," Veronica Garland said.

Just before 7:00 p.m. Denison police received a call that a car had crashed into this home and the people inside. Police say this is only the ending of what started several blocks beforehand.

"We had a vehicle that was northbound on Armstrong Avenue that had struck a vehicle several blocks south of here," Denison Lt. Mike Eppler said.

Police say the Cadillac that ran into this house had, just minutes before, slammed into the back of an SUV.

"Right over the railroad tracks, the red Cadillac swerved into oncoming traffic and then hit the back of the Tahoe. And when we passed by it, it looked like it was wedged underneath the Tahoe," witness, David Straiton, said.

David Straiton watched the Cadillac ram the SUV, and saw the debris strewn along Morton Street. So, he turned around to see if he could help.

"When we came back, we were looking for a wreck and couldn't find it. So, we decided we were just going to drive home and as we were driving home about ten blocks later, we see the Cadillac inside that house," Straiton said.

Police aren't releasing any details about the driver of the car, but say he was cooperating with the investigation.
"Right at this point it is still very preliminary, still under investigation. We have several injuries," Lt. Eppler said.

No arrests have been made, but Denison police are asking that if you have any information please contact them. We'll continue to update this story as details are available.