Overpass soon to be built over Ector intersection

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ECTOR, TX-After several years in the blueprint stage, an overpass over the Highway 82 and FM-898 intersection is now a step closer to reality.

Anne Criss said she and other Ector residents have been pushing for an overpass at the Highway 82, FM 898 intersection for over 15 years, an intersection she said is dangerous.

"Blind spots, sun in your eyes, trying to pray that you can get across without some car taking you out," she said.

At a public meeting Tuesday night, TxDOT District Engineer Paul Montgomery announced the agency came up with the $5 million needed to cover the cost of building an overpass.

"This is an important project for the community so that's what I freed up, that's what we freed up and it's gonna be a few years on 16 or 17. We freed up what I feel like is enough money to do this project," he said.

"I'm ecstatic, it's a lot more than we expected. We just thought we're gonna get blown off and we didn't," said Criss.

Montgomery said while the overpass is in the planning phase, they'll add acceleration lanes and turn lanes at the 82-898 intersection as well as flashing beacons to warn drivers about the upcoming cross traffic.

He said Savoy and Bonham both have overpasses, that's why it made sense to build one in Ector.

"It really didn't make sense to skip FM-898. It made sense to do the project so we found the funding so we're gonna pursue it," said Montgomery.

Texas Rep. Larry Phillips said he's received hundreds of calls and e-mails from residents asking for this project.

"I'm really proud of TxDOT for stepping up and finding some solutions and trying to find a way to build that overpass," he said.

Montgomery said the interim project on 82 and FM-898 will be finished by summer 2014 and construction of the new overpass is expected to start by 2016.
Criss said she doesn't mind the wait.

"That's fine with me, that's better than nothing at all," she said.