Plainview parent raises concern about speeding in school zones

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Every school day Terry Gehrt drops his four-year-old son off here, at Plainview Primary School. While the signs say the speed is 20 miles an hour during school, he sees many drivers breaking that limit.

"Even when I was picking up my son today I noticed somebody that was just zooming right on through here not even noticing what they were doing," said Gehrt.

Gehrt.said because of those incidents, he's reached out to Ardmore Police and even Congressman Tom Cole. He said so for no one has replied, but he's not stepping on the brakes yet.

"I'm going to try to contact a few more people, see if something can be done about it before something does happen," Gehrt said.

Ardmore Police Captain Paul White said several years ago they had multiple complaints about the same thing. They posted an officer in the zone to catch speeders, and he said that's what it will take this time.

"A one time incident is just a one time incident," said Captain White. "But if it's everyday, and we get complaints every single day about the school zone then we're going to monitor that school zone."

He also said drivers can call in the license plate of a speeding car.

"We can run the tag and issue the owner of that vehicle a notice, which is a school zone violation," added Capt. White.

But until action is taken to reduce speeding Gehrt is still worried.

"I just want to get the problem taken care of before somebody does get hurt," he said.