Parents, educators and community rally behind Silo's $2.3M bond

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SILO, OK-After its $2.3 million bond failed for the fourth time at the polls in January, Silo Public Schools is taking a more proactive approach this time around, hoping to gain more votes.

Melissa Wolf's daughters attend Silo Public Schools and said the classrooms are too small to hold the increasing number of students.

"I really believe that we deserve this bond to pass because we're growing everyday and I think it would be better for our education in the future," she said.

Scott Hamilton's three sons also attend Silo.

"We have a great need here when you look at the classroom sizes and how our school's growing. And then you look at our campus size compared to the number of students that we have, it's obvious that it's a necessity so I'm not sure if there's misunderstanding or what," he said.

Both Hamilton and Wolf are among dozens of parents who attended the bond rally at Silo Elementary School Tuesday night.

"It's a shame, that's the first thing I would say. The need is there and the majority voted for it but not the supermajority that's required by law."

Glenn Price is a member of the group: "Citizens for Silo's Future Committee," made up of parents, teachers and community members, they said their goal is to come up with a unique and proactive approach to win votes. This time around, they're going door to door, putting up more signs and getting the message out to local media.

"It's the right thing to do for the kids of the Silo district and I just want to make sure that we've covered all bases and we've talked to people that we need to talk to," said Price.

"I think it's a great need not only for now but it's a great need for the future years to come for Silo," said Hamilton.

The $2.3 million school bond will be in the ballot May 14.

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