Paris City Council approves economic incentive between PEDC and J. Skinner Baking

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PARIS, TX-- The Paris City Council approved an economic incentive agreement between the Paris Economic Development Corporation and J. Skinner Baking at Monday night's city council meeting.

J. Skinner C.E.O, Audie Keaton, says they couldn't have had such success without the community's support.

"You get a lot of people that say thank you for coming here to Paris, said Keaton. "I can turn that around real easy and thank you for allowing us to be here."

The approved agreement is a $1.179 million, five year incentive.

The company is expected to bring almost 400 jobs to the area. J. Skinner currently has 126 employees and has been opened since December 20th 2012.

J. Skinner will also invest $25 million into the plant in the next five years.