Paris City Council approves smoking ordinance

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PARIS, TX-- The city of Paris has a new smoking ordinance.

With a unanimous vote the Paris City Council approved the amended smoking ordinance, banning smoking in all public places.

Bars and private clubs, as well as the use of e-cigarettes are excluded from the ordinance.

The changes were brought to light by a group of medical professionals and students, in January, who wanted to update the city's current smoking ordinance.

Many believe this ordinance will be beneficial for public health.

"There are cities across the state that have adopted smoke free ordinances and have found them to be very successful, said Kay Cam of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. "They have not harmed their business they are thriving communities."

The city attorney says the ordinance goes into effect immediately, but there is a 30 day grace period before citations will be given out.

The city will be posting the ordinance on their website