Paris ISD employees receive first raise in 2 years

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PARIS, TX - Two years ago the state legislature cut $5.4 billion in state educational funding.

"That hit every school district state wide. Many school districts had to lay off a number of employees." said Paris ISD Superintendent Paul Jones.

Jones says 80% of a district's budget is personnel.

"Fortunately Paris ISD did not lay off one person two years ago, they absorbed the cuts." said Jones. "But in absorbing those cuts they asked employees if they can make a sacrifice."

That sacrifice was to take a pay freeze, so the district could keep all employees.

Governor Perry signed Senate Bill 1, putting $3.4 billion back into the school system, Paris ISD received $1.2 million.

With the increase every employee in the district, other than Superintendent Paul Jones, will receive a raise.

"We know as a district that we are only as good as our people and we want to do as much as we can for our staff and personnel." said Jones.

Administration employees will receive a 1% raise, teachers will receive a $2,500 raise and auxillary employees, such as bus drivers, maintenance and cafeteria staff will receive a 3% increase.

Funds will also be used to purchase four new buses, a fleet of vehicles for training and school events, a district wide emergency alert system and add safety officers at each campus.

Raises will take effect July 1st for employees under yearly contracts and September 1st for 10-month employees.

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