Paris Junior College reinstates women's hoops

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PARIS, TX - The final buzzer sounded on the women's basketball program at Paris Junior College on Monday. It's board of regents voted to end the program, but quickly realized they might have acted too fast.

The board then scheduled a special meeting, with the state of the program as the only issue up for discussion, deciding unanimously to reinstate women's basketball.

"We discussed it Monday and we didn't have any public input Monday, we've had some since." said board of regents president Curtis Fendley. "I think it's a good decision to go forward with the program."

"After the meeting they had thought maybe we were too quick, we need to look at it more and listen to what's in the community more." said Paris Junior College President Pam Anglin.

Community colleges across Texas have cut athletic programs, after the state cut funding.

"There is no money by the state, the state cut out all that years ago, so they do not fund anything." said Fendley.

Travel for athletic programs continue to rise, but money from the sporting events and vendors don't help offset the cost.

"Athletic costs are going up, but our revenues in those areas are not going up, they're going down."

PJC will now start their coaching search in hopes of finding someone quickly, to start recruiting.

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