Paris Mayor discusses Lake Crook Development Project

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PARIS, TX-- Paris Mayor A.J. Hashmi gave a presentation on the Lake Crook Development Project, hoping to clear up some misconceptions.

Mayor Hashmi started off by saying that the lake is not for sale, and the Paris City Council is working to keep citizens informed as they plan.

He says the basis of the lake crook development project is to create new and better paying jobs as well as a bigger tax base. Mayor Hashmi says the city may own the lake, but they cannot sell the development because it is run by Army Corps of Engineers.

"The council will continue to work on the lake crook project as outlined here, said Mayor Hashmi. "We will continue to need your support and I hope that support will not be deterred by this information."

Mayor Hashmi says no decision about the development of the lake will be made without help from the community.