Paris Smoking Task Force recommends amendments to ordinance

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PARIS, TX -- The Smoking Ordinance Task Force committee met for the first time Friday and offered up some dramatic changes to Paris' proposed smoking ban.

Mayor A.J. Hashmi appointed 10-people, five in suspport of the ban and five opposed to it.

After a two and a half hour debate, the task force amended the ordinance to ban smoking in all restaurants, but allowing bars that make more than 50% of revenue off alcohol sales, the right to decide.

Committee members also agreed on eliminating e-cigarettes and private clubs.

"We compromised on a few things and we think the other side compromised too," said Paul Kruntorad, who is against the ban. "We both walk away not completely happy, but we walk away with some agreement that we can all live with."

"We came to a compromise, because we wanted some things and some things is better than nothing and I think this will hopefully move forward with the city council," said Dr. Amanda Green, who is for the ban. "Hopefully the city council will feel like they are representing all the citizens with this compromises."

The city attorney will write a new ordinance based on the recommendations

Once the committee passes the ordinance it will then go to the council for approval on March 10th.

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