Paris' Texas Night Out

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PARIS, TX-- Paris' first annual Texas Night Out was a huge success.

Hundreds of residents came out to the Love Civic Center to take part in an impaired driving obstacle course.

They also enjoyed food, bounce houses and other activities.

First responders hope after Tuesday night's event that residents have a better understanding of what they do.

"It gives the kids an opportunity to come out and get to know their emergency services better," said Lamar County Constable Jimmy Hodges. "There are a lot of kids afraid of the police, it gets them out and interacting with them."

Residents say it helps kids realize first responders are their friends.

"They can see now that police are here for you they are here to help you they aren't here to take you away," said Carol Johnson.

First responders say they were happy with the turn out and plan to make this annual event.