Paris' council considers adding Retail Attractions to budget

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PARIS, TX -- The possibility of adding marketing and promotions to the city's budget was addressed at tonight's special city council meeting.

Before discussion on the city's budget, talk again turned to adding Retail Attractions or possibly another company to the budget, to market and promote the city.

Councilman Matt Frierson said adding Retail Attractions or another company into the cities budget would be a positive step for the city.

"To think that someone is going to arbitrarily find you there may be some success stories, but the more you can get that message out the more you can talk about what a great place this is to be." said Frierson. "That's how people find you and how you get on a radar."

Mayor AJ Hashmi said he was not opposed to adding promotions to the budget, but would like to see an open bidding process for the job.

The council plans to discuss the issue further at their next meeting.

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