Paris dispatchers recognized as part of National Telecommunications Week

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PARIS,TX -- A Texoma town is recognizing some emergency responders whose work behind the scenes saves lives.

This week is National Telecommunications week and local authorities are showing their support for what dispatchers do.

They are the heart of the communications for public safety in Paris.

Dispatchers hear calls from family problems to wrecks to even negotiating a suspect to surrender before the hostage negotiator arrives. Local dispatcher, Anita Chupp says the job is a unique experience.

The dispatchers take calls from all over Lamar County taking over 70,000 calls between the 13 employees. Assistant Chief, Randy Tuttle explains how they can go from completely quiet to erratic phone calls and multi-tasking.

Chupp completely changed her emotion when she relived a call that she took earlier this year.

According to Chupp, "January 12th of this year, I took the plane crash that occurred out in the Bairdstown area. That was a call I wish I never had to take."

While it’s very hard to stay calm in an emergency situation, Chupp advices everyone to try to be calm, so dispatchers can get you help as quick as possible.

Paris Fire Department shared their appreciation today, dropping off several gifts.