Paris firefighters grant wish for boy with rare disease

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PARIS, TX -- Around the world, only 1 in 200 million people have an extremely rare genetic disorder known as GAN. Here in Texoma, one little boy was recently diagnosed, and today some hometown heroes pulled together to make one of his biggest dreams come true. Allison Harris brings us the story.

Paris, Texas.

A quintessential American town. Home to this little boy, so rare, there are only 37 others like him.

"You like that outfit?" "Yeah."

3 year-old Weston Kiesler was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder in May, called Giant Axonal Neuropathy.

"Can you tell them thank you?" "Thank you."

Thursday, Paris firefighters rolled out all the stops to make their station, his playground.

"I always hope the best for my own children and hope to see their dreams come true. But to be able to do it for somebody else, that's great. That means everything," said one firefighter.

For Weston's parents, Frank and Melanie Keisler, this was a day of happiness, after months of sadness.

"Yeah, it's a blessing, I mean, it's a wish come true," they said.

It was Weston's dad who set out to make this day happen.

"I just said 'what the heck', stopped by and worst that could happen is no, at least he could shake one's hand and meet one of them," said Frank.

These firefighters were so encouraged by the story, that they pitched in their own money, to buy Weston his own uniform.

Frank and Melanie say their son has taught them to treasure moments like this.

"They can be gone anytime, I mean, no matter how much you love them, no matter how hard you try. When it's time, it's time. There's nothing I can do. All I ask is that if anyone has children, just to love your children. Love them like it's their very last day, because you never know."

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