Paris girl made honorary firefighter

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PARIS, TX -- A young Paris girl born with a debilitating condition is overcoming her fears, thanks to the help of some new friends.

11-year old Kimberly Crawford is no ordinary kid, she's a firefighter.

Kimberly has cerebral palsy, a movement disorder that confines her to a wheelchair. She's always been a little scared by loud noises, so when she heard a siren recently her mom explained it was a fire truck, rushing to help people.

Kimberly asked her mom if she could see one and the next day her mom called the station, asking if they could make a quick visit.

"I was really expecting really about a five minute show around, just to kind of familiarize her with what the fire department did," said Kimberly's mom Elena Crawford. "We came in and they just really gave her the red carpet treatment."

These firefighters helped Kimberly face her fear.

"From that moment on she has not been afraid," said Crawford.

Kimberly made her second visit to station one Thursday, this time she even got to sit in the driver's seat. She also proved she's even got what it takes to fight a fire.

"Her riding in the truck, wanting to go again and again and spraying water not wanting to stop, it's just awesome knowing that she's having a good time," said fireman Nick Blount.

"I got to see my daughter smile and be treated like a queen," said Crawford.

Her laugh was enough to melt the hearts of guys who face flames every day.

"Just seeing the excitement in her face, I mean who couldn't love that," said Blount.

"I just want to tell them thank you from the bottom of my heart," said Crawford. "I can't say that there's a better group of guys anywhere."

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