Paris man could receive new trial after 11 years

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A Paris man convicted of manslaughter in 2002 could be getting a new trial.

11-years after he was convicted of manslaughter, Danny Holloway was back in a Lamar county courtroom Wednesday.

Holloway has been in prison since a jury found him guilty of the stabbing death of Ashley Lee in 2001, a crime he claims he didn't commit.

Holloway's attorney, John Stickels entered findings of fact for the criminal court of appeals on Wednesday.

Eight years into his sentence the murder weapon came into question.

"The knife that the state proved was the murder weapon, we have proven by DNA was not the murder knife." says Stickels. "The blood on the knife was animal blood and not human blood. So a vital piece of this case has fallen through."

Ashley Lee's mother, Paula Lewis, was also in court Wednesday.

She says she was shocked to find out the man convicted of killing her daughter could receive a new trial.

"Well I don't have many smiles on my face now days, because of what his actions did, so I don't think that's fair at all." said Lewis.

District Judge Eric Clifford says he will rule in two weeks whether or not Holloway will receive a new trial.