Paris man reaches 50 gallons of blood donated

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PARIS, TEXAS -- After 24-years of donating blood Paris resident John Fuston has reached a major milestone.

Fuston recently hit 50 gallons of blood donated and when you ask him why he does it, you get a simple answer.

"I like to help people." said Fuston.

Fuston says his careers of a firemen and state safety director were always about helping people and donating blood is just another way he can continue helping.

"It means so much for our community. It means so much to have them come in every two weeks and take their time to donate." said Carter Blood Care Phlebotomist Kenya Hodge.

Soon after moving to Texas from the east coast, Fuston was hooked on giving blood after attending a health fair.

"We had some friends from Maryland visiting and a blood mobile was there and I said heck I'm going to give blood while I'm here and that's what started it and I've been doing it ever since." said Fuston.

Blood donor Paul Berry says he's been donating for over 50-years and hopes he can one day catch up to Fuston.

"I'm trying to catch him." said Berry. "He's older so I might make it, but I'm at 34 gallons now and heading for 35."

After getting a recommendation from his doctor to stop donating blood due to his low iron count, Fuston had to change how he donated by donating platelets and plasma.

Fuston says he plans to donate for as long as he can and encourages others to do the same.

"Sooner or later you're going to need blood and when you do there's no substitute for it and it only comes from one place." said Fuston.

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