Paris mayor talks about White House visit

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PARIS, Texas - Paris Mayor AJ Hashmi was in attendance as President Barack Obama saluted Muslim Americans at a dinner at the White House last night.

Mayor Hashmi says meeting President Obama was undoubtedly the highlight of his trip and was impressed that the President knew about him before they were introduced.

"The President came and shook hands with me." said Hashmi. "What was most interesting to me was that he himself said the first Pakistani born to become a mayor in the state of Texas and his comment was I'm impressed and very proud of you."

Last week Mayor Hashmi received an email invite to attend a dinner at the White House. The iftar dinner is an annual tradition since former President Bill Clinton started hosting Muslims on the last day of Ramadan in 1996.

Obama acknowledged his Muslim American guests for their contributions to the country. Afterwards he walked around the room talking with his guests, Mayor Hashmi says President Obama spent several minutes with him asking him about Paris.

"He was very very pleasant, he did ask me how things were in Paris and how big of a city it was and asked me about what kind of economic things we are doing in Paris." said Hashmi.

Before the dinner Hashmi sat through several briefings with White House advisers discussing a multitude of topics. The mayor told advisers that the education on the health reform has been insufficient for the people of Paris.

"They are going to send a special individual from this district who will discuss and do maybe town hall meetings and describe what the health reforms are." said Hashmi.

Mayor Hashmi says while he may disagree with some of Obama's policies, he was very impressed with the President.

"I thought President Obama was a very humble individual." said Hashmi. "He was a good host and very polite and nice to all the guests that he had invited."

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