Paris now offering vacation house watch

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PARIS, TX -- With school out and summer upon us many people are planning vacations, but how do you know your home is safe while you are gone.

The Paris Police Department's new Vacation House Check program is designed to help give residents one less worry while on vacation or out of town.

"This is a way for us to be proactive and get out to the neighborhoods," said Officer Curtis Graham. "It's not a 100-percent guarantee that nothing is going to happen, but we're there to maybe to deter the criminals from coming around your residence."

"Maybe when they see us there, around your residence, it will keep them away."

The Citizens Oriented Policing Unit will oversee the program, while a group of trained volunteers called Citizens on Patrol will patrol the homes, providing a security check.

"We get out walk around the house, check the windows, check the doors and make sure there's not anything out of the ordinary," said Citizens on Patrol volunteer Robert Brunson.

"We're going to be here to go to their houses and check their houses, document if anything is wrong or if everything is okay," said Graham. "At the end of that time we will send them a form, showing what we did while they were out of town."

Officer Graham says during the summer criminals target empty homes, when those homeowners are out of town.

"They see that somebody is on vacation and they take the opportunity to go in and burglarize their house or vandalize their property," said Graham.

That's what citizen volunteer Tommy Archer wants to prevent.

"The end results, we believe, will lower the crime rate in Paris, Texas," said Archer.

The registration form for the Vacation House Check program is located at:

If you don’t have internet access, just call the police department and leave your name and phone number and Officer Graham will contact you. You can also pick one of the forms up at the police department.

The form will be mailed back to you upon the scheduled return date with notations of when and who checked your property.