Paris receives $100,000 donation for Lake Crook project

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PARIS, TX -- Lake Crook has been a part of the city of Paris since the early 1920's, but for decades it has been neglected.

Recently the city has implemented plans to develop the area and after receiving a $100,000 donation Monday night, the project is a giant step closer to becoming a reality.

"People in Paris do not recognize the value of this sleeping asset," said Lamar County resident Dr. Richard Swint.

Dr. Richard and Susan Swint handed over the generous donation during Monday's city council meeting. Dr. Swint says the park was special to residents when he was child. He says neglect over the decades has left the once prominent park, forgotten.

"It has fallen into total loss of all of the things that were available to us in my childhood," said Dr. Swint.

"I think that the Lake Crook Park has the potential of being something that people come from a long way to see," said Susan Swint.

Mayor A.J. Hashmi says Dr. Swint encouraged him to also donate towards the fund, adding $10,000.

"I thought that his idea needed to be supported and I would hope that others in the city will also take the lead and support this idea," said Dr. Hashmi.

The Swints say while they'd love to see the park revitalized, they're not doing this for themselves.

"It would mean more for all these people with children that are 8,9 and 10 years old," said Dr. Swint.

Mayor Hashmi said the two donations will go towards a fund to rejuvenate Lake Crook.

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