Paris rolls out new trolley

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PARIS, TX -- Paris has rolled out its new trolley for the city, trading in their 1986 model for a 2001 model.

Since 2009 the Trolley de Paris has become an icon and the Chamber of Commerce is hoping the newer, updated model will better serve the city.

"It's just kind of one of the staples around Paris, everybody loves to see the trolley coming," said Chamber President Melissa Cook. "It's just a really good thing to make Paris one step above the rest."

The new model boasts several upgrades including heating and air conditioning, as well as being handicap accessible.

"The old trolley was about a 1986 model and it had about 387,000 miles on it," said Cook. "It had no air conditioning and it wasn't ADA compliant."

"There was a divider in the other trolley that made it hard to hear," said Tourism Director Becky Semple. "This is all open, there's no divider, so everybody can hear and see."

Purchased out of Florida, the trolley will continue to give tours showcasing Paris and its history.

"So many people don't even stop to think about the history of Paris and how very interesting that it is and things they are here to see," Cook said.

"We saw trolleys in pictures of Paris a long time ago, before the fire and that's when we knew we had to have a trolley," said Semple.

But the trolley isn't used for just tours, it's used for weddings, school events and even class reunions.

"Businesses will rent the trolley," Semple said. "They'll have a buffet of food on the trolley and go around wherever they want to go just touring."

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