Park ranger-involved fatal shooting at McGee Creek State Park

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ATOKA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA -- An altercation at an Oklahoma state park resulted in shots fired, leaving one park-goer dead.

Authorities say a park ranger was involved in the shooting.

Atoka County Sheriff Tony Head says it happened around 10 o'clock last night in the Buster Hight Area of McGee Creek State Park.

Sheriff Head says an Oklahoma state park ranger got in an altercation with a man at the park. He says that incident escalated and eventually resulted in gun shots -- killing the man.

Park-goers we talked to say they saw ambulances late last night, but didn't realize there had been a shooting.

An employee of a store out at the state park says he spoke to a woman who says she was with the man when he was shot and killed.

Park rangers declined comment.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case and will continue to investigate.

We'll continue to bring you the latest details as they become available.