Search continues for suspected drowning victim in Murray Co.

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MURRAY COUNTY, OK -- Park officials say around 1:30 Saturday afternoon, a man jumped into the Lake of the Arbuckles at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, but he never resurfaced.

"The reporting parties had indicated that a gentleman about 51 years old was swimming in the lake without a PFD at the time, and unfortunately went underneath the surface," said Chief Ranger of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Aaron Shandor. "They dove in after and were not able to find him."

Shandor says crews have been on the lake since Saturday searching for the man.

"We're currently searching the main area of the lake, right behind me here, near the dam of the Lake of the Arbuckles all the way up to where we're standing at The Point swimming area," said Shandor.

Shandor says local law enforcement is also helping with the search, as well as the OHP dive team and Lake Patrol. He says they don't believe alcohol was involved.

Camper, Jim Briggs, was shocked to learn that someone had possibly drowned in the lake, and says it's always important to keep an extra eye out.

"You really just have to have someone there that has your back and is always watching you constantly because you just never know what's gonna happen," Briggs said.

Shandor says boaters and swimmers need to be safer and more cautious when they're out on the water.

"If you're going to enjoy water recreation, wear your PFD," Shandor said. "That is the one thing that can certainly safe your life."

Shandor says the lake remains open for campers. The missing man's name is not being released.

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