Pat Mayse Lake closes after federal gov. shutdown

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- National Parks across the nation are closing, including one in Lamar County, due to the federal government shutdown.

Campers at Pat Mayse Lake were told they had to leave the parks by eight o'clock tonight, but some campers needing more time will have until noon tomorrow.

Lake employees will continue to work, but they are operating off money left from fiscal year 2013, which Park Ranger, Jeff Paskin, says won't last very long.

"From what I understand it isn't going to last very long and then eventually we would receive notice to go home," said Paskin.

Two boat ramps will remain open.

"We'll keep two boat ramps open, one at Pate Mayse East Loop A and the other at Lamar Point public use area," said Paskin. "So the lake itself isn't entirely closing, just mainly the campgrounds."

The parks and campgrounds will remain closed until the shutdown is lifted.

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