Patriot rally celebrates July 4th

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ARDMORE, OK -- It's a typical Fourth of July celebration burgers are on the grill and people are kicking back and catching up.

Steven Johnson, who coordinated the festivities, wants people to know the Fourth of July is more than a day of fun.

"People think of fireworks and picnics and a lot of things other than the country and the freedom and the Declaration of Independence which is what the day is all about," Johnson said.

Wednesday night's rally included a performance of patriotic music from Emmanuel Baptist Church's orchestra. Music was mixed with patriotic readings and a tribute to America's veterans one of whom, Senator Frank Simpson, spoke about patriotism and remembering those serving in the military.

"When we have these patriotic holidays our young men and women are in uniform that are serving today," said Simpson.

Those who served in the past, like Garland Morgan, hope the celebration will serve as a reminder of the meaning of patriotism.

"Being a patriot is certainly not a one day thing," said Morgan, a marine and army veteran. "It's a lifetime commitment."

So whether you plan to soak up the sun, grill with friends and family, or just kick back for some R&R Johnson hopes you'll remember the importance and significance of Independence Day.

"Be proud of their country, wave the flag, stand up for America," said Johnson.

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