Peace march in Paris

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PARIS, TX - The city of Paris has seen several homicides over the past year. One group is trying to raise awareness and put an end to the violence one step at a time.

Their message is simple, but their fight is tough. Over the last year the city of Paris has had a number of homicides and residents are worried they're losing their city.

"The community just seems divided and we just want to bring them together. Its about unity and we need to stop all the murders and fighting," said Brenda Cherry, a Paris resident.

So Shatajna Woods and dozens of other local residents felt it was time to take back their streets.

They organized the "Stop the Violence...Spread the Love" peace march that took place in Paris Saturday. Woods nephew was shot and killed in one of the city's recent homicides, an unsolved quadruple murder in the 600 block of 6th NE street, back in October of last year.

"That's the address where we marched from today. That's the reason why I chose that location. After the quadruple murder there has been several murders in Paris, Texas but that one is the one that took us by surprise," said Woods, the coordinator of the march.

Since that time, Woods has decided to speak out on what seems like a growing problem in her city.

"When that happened, something about that incident just put a driving force in me to where it doesn't matter. Whatever I need to say, I'm going to get the point across that this violence needs to stop," said Woods.

Woods said that despite the tragedies many have gone through, she hopes the people of Paris will come together.

"If there ever was a time for unity and to step up and take our community back, then the time is now...right now," said Woods.